Welcome to Anguilla Financial Services

Welcome to Anguilla’s financial services web-site which I hope you will find user-friendly and informative.

The Government of Anguilla is keen to develop a thriving, high quality financial services sector in Anguilla. The British Government supports this wholeheartedly. Both agree that proper regulation and supervision is the key to success and much effort has been invested in ensuring that Anguilla matches up to the latest international standards, particularly in the areas of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing.

Both Governments have worked closely together to develop ACORN – Anguilla’s Commercial On-Line Registration Network. This groundbreaking system allows companies to be incorporated 24 hours a day and is something for which Anguilla can be justifiably proud. The system is quick, secure and cost-effective.

Anguilla is also a base for banking, trusts and insurance – and recently enacted legislation has introduced a regulatory framework for mutual funds, captive insurance and protected cell companies.

Anguilla’s Financial Services Commission, which is an independent regulatory authority, sets the standard for the financial sector and ensures that Anguilla’s high reputation for business integrity is not compromised.

Anguilla has fared well from independent assessments of its financial services sector. In 2000, the British Government, in collaboration with the Governments of the UK Overseas Territories, commissioned KPMG to carry out a major review of the financial service sectors in the relevant Territory jurisdictions. I am pleased that Anguilla came through this well. Since then, there have been many enhancements and in 2003 the IMF review commended Anguilla for the regulatory standards that it has set for itself.

I am sure you will find that Anguilla is a jurisdiction in which you can have full confidence and in which your business can thrive. This is a friendly island. You will be welcome here.

The Minister
of Finance
The Honourable
Victor Banks

I, too, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Anguilla Financial Services.

Anguilla is a well regulated jurisdiction and we look only to attract reputable business. What we have to offer those who venture to our magical island, be it on business or vacation, speaks volumes in itself.

Over the past few years, we have been steadily building a reputation as a quality financial services jurisdiction. The business community has quickly learned that geographic location is not so important given that we are firmly in the age of electronic commerce. ACORN not only makes Anguilla easily accessible to the rest of the world, but has allowed us to significantly reduce many of the costs normally associated with international company registration. The service we provide collectively as a neutral tax jurisdiction is second to none in terms of efficiency and cost.

All international jurisdictions from the very biggest to the relatively new face many challenges in meeting the needs of the industry. Anguilla is no different. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our already modern legislation and the diversity and quality of our services. We believe we now have everything in place to make Anguilla the industry’s first choice.